Kobe Bryant’s size 8 shoe,Kobe 4 X Undefeated


Today, when I was walking in the park, I passed the outdoor basketball court and saw many adults playing basketball.Watching them sweat like rain and fight fiercely, I suddenly remembered my idol, I saw the news of kobe’s death not long ago, the heart is very sad, I believe many fans are the same as me.

Kobe Bryant's size 8 shoe,Kobe 4 X Undefeated

I am sad to introduce my favorite pair of shoes, Kobe 4 X Undefeated.

Kobe 4 X Undefeated is the best basketball shoe in the world.But when an actual combat sneakers with a joint number, that is probably not generally available.What’s more, this is a copy of Bryant.Kobe’s previous pro (1-11) was expensive, but Nike’s copy won’t be cheap.In fact, think also normal, these sensational sneakers, we all want to grab, the price is sure to go up, that there will be some people from the fishing!Before a lot of co- branded or more popular shoes also appeared such a situation.

Kobe Bryant 4 sneaker is not only the meaning of kobe Bryant, but as the whole series is a very excellent sneaker, lightweight design, the use of new materials, at that time is absolutely a real combat innovation, is a very good-looking shoe low top, good match!

Kobe Bryant's size 8 shoe,Kobe 4 X Undefeated

Of course, this kind of joint money is not want to choose can choose, must buy to get above all!

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