How to use PaySend for remittance?

How to use PaySend for remittance?

The receiver details:

*Receiver name :

First name: YI

Last name: LI

card number :6217858300032793045

Address: 1 Yihe Road

City: Yining

Country: China

Zip code: 835000

1. Use the mobile phone number of your current residence to register with paysend.com or download the mobile App to register

How to use PaySend for remittance?

2. Log in to your registered account, select “new remittance”, enter the amount you remitted or the amount you want the payee to receive, and the system will calculate for you automatically.

How to use PaySend for remittance?

You can directly see the amount you remit or the recipient receives, the transaction fee, and the real-time exchange rate.Our exchange rate changes in real time, close to medium market prices, to provide you with the most favorable prices.

3. Next, enter the bank card information of the payee.PaySend is the official partner of Visa, MasterCard and China unionpay to ensure the safe and fast receipt of your funds

How to use PaySend for remittance?

4. Next, fill in your bank card information. If you have filled in the binding bank card information when you registered your account, PaySend system will display it for you automatically.If you have not filled in this information, please follow the instructions and click the next item.

How to use PaySend for remittance?

5. In the last step, PaySend will reconfirm with you the amount of funds you need to pay, the amount received by the payee and bank card details of the payee and the payee.

How to use PaySend for remittance?

After clicking ok, PaySend begins to process your remittance.We will process the remittance immediately after receiving all the remittance/collection information. According to the different regulations of the receiving bank, the money can be sent to the account of the payee as soon as possible. In rare cases, it will be received within three days according to the regulations of the receiving bank.

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