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OFF-WHITE×Nike Air PrestoOW2.0 White THE TEN,Launched in 2000, Nike Air Presto is the first pair of shoes to use the xxxs-xxxl to distinguish sizes and the first pair to use digital printing. By tobie Hatfield, Nike creative kitchen director. Air Presto aims to let the runner’s feet control the running shoes, rather than let the running shoes play the role of the controller, so as to make the running more natural. The sock type shoe body with sponge texture brings extraordinary flexibility and creates sufficient movement space for toes, while the toe structure makes the whole pair of shoes without sacrificing any protection; the shoelace frame on the side of the shoe can also be perfectly locked, bringing extra stability, just like “putting on T-shirt for both feet”. On this pair of shoes, you can see the DNA of sock Racer everywhere, whether it’s the shoe body made of synthetic rubber or the insistence on Minimalism. Its eccentric design and comfortable wearing experience can be said to be the favorite shoes of runners and design enthusiasts in an instant.

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